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  • Contraindications

Do not apply body candles on following places:

  • Top of the head (7th chakra)
  • Heart and heart muscle (not directly on heart)
  • Open wounds
  • Mucosa – eyes, mouth, genitals
  • Belly of pregnant women
  • Acute ear inflammation – do not apply inside the ear but on top of it
  • Inner postoperative wounds (stitches)
  • People allergic to beeswax
  • Fever

Use the reflex points in these situations.

The Body and Ear Candles do not replace medical care. This is an alternative medicine.

The use of these candles is your own decision.

You will be working with an open flame while using these candles, therefore your full attention is required.

By using the Body or the Ear Candles you agree to use them from your own decision and on your own risk.